A Record-Breaking Collection Year


In honour of Earth Month, Earth Rangers and Call2Recycle partnered to bring the Battery Blitz contest back to P.E.I for a third time to challenge schools to see which school could collect the most used batteries.

The third edition of the Battery Blitz School Contest in PEI was a huge success.  I am always so impressed and inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of students for keeping batteries out of landfill and protecting the environment. – Tovah Barocas, President of Earth Rangers

Thanks to the hard work of AMAZING school children from eight schools across the Island, over FIVE AND A HALF TONS of batteries were collected, making 2021 a record-breaking collection year. That’s a lot of batteries! This year’s contest surpassed the 2018 amount of batteries collected by 68kg (5070). Thank you for helping us save the planet one small action at a time!

When children partake in recycling efforts, they form lifelong habits that help make a positive impact on the environment…Our partnership with Earth Rangers is integral to helping teach kids how they can make a difference. We are thrilled to share that despite this being another unique school year, Prince Edward Island schools hit a collection record, gathering more batteries than any other collection year. – Jon McQuaid, Vice President of Marketing and Account Management Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.

The contest was kicked off in late March at each school with an Earth Rangers Virtual Assembly Program which is an educational and inspiring presentation for grades 1-6, teaching students about the importance of protecting animals and their habitats, talking about real on-the-ground conservation initiatives that are happening right now across the country, and distilling today’s most pressing environmental issues and concepts in a way that kids can understand such as the importance of properly recycling used batteries. Each school was then given 3 weeks to collect as many used batteries as possible.

“First of all Congratulations to Eliot River Elementary School on their achievement and Earth Rangers for putting on such an important contest. I think it’s also important to recognize all the schools who participated in this contest and for doing their part to make the environment more sustainable. Imagine what it would be like if we didn’t recycle and take care of the Earth.” – Heath MacDonald, Member of Legislative Assembly for Cornwall – Meadowbank

Thank you to all schools who participated! This year’s contest awarded three cash prizes and secondary prizes for all participating schools resulting in a total of $6,800 in cash prizes being handed out to schools for their extraordinary work and the impact they undoubtedly had on P.E.I communities this Earth Month! These three schools were able to recycle the most amount of batteries:

Congratulations to Eliot River Elementary: First Place and the winner of $3,000 cash grand prize!

Eliot River Elementary School recycled the most amount of batteries with a whopping 2,203KG! The amount of batteries collected by Eliot River beat the previous record by more than three times and nearly equaled the amount collected by 10 schools in the 2019 contest! Thank you to all teachers and students who participated!

Student at Eliot River School giving the thumbs up after helping his school collect 2,203KG of batteries

Participating in the challenge this year was a wonderful way for our school community to work on a unified goal to better our planet. Our students and heir families reached out to local businesses and community members to help us with our mission and connections that were made were a shining example of the power of a small group of people making a huge impact –
Terra Doucette, Principal at Eliot River Elementary

 Congratulations to West Royalty Elementary: Second Place and winner of the $2,000 cash grand prize!

The challenge was cool and it was cool to gather a bunch of batteries to help the Earth.” Edison Weeks – Grade 6

West Royalty Elementary School recycled the second most amount of batteries with an incredible 966KG! Not only did they finish second in this year’s contest, but the 966kg of used batteries collected is good for second all time, and had it not been for Eliot River’s historic effort they would have the record. Congratulations West Royalty and thank you to all teachers and students for your outstanding work and achievement!

Our school was thrilled to participate wit Earth Rangers in the Call2Recycle Battery Blitz this year. Our students loved their virtual Earth Rangers presentation. They really took on the Earth Ranger role, and they wanted to do their part to help the environment. As batteries started to flow into our school, it took on a life of its own and became a real competition between classrooms. Each classroom wanted to be the top class so they could win the pizza party. Bottom line is that is was incredibly exciting for staff and students to see the volume of batteries that we collected as a whole school.

Marilyn Maclean Principal West Royalty ES

Congratulations to Montague Consolidated : Third Place and winner of $1000 cash prize!

Montague Consolidated recycled the third most amount of batteries with an amazing 499KG! Thank you to all teachers and students who participated!

Our students were so excited to be doing their part to help the environment. They were coming in with baggies and buckets full of batteries.   A student told me she called her family members to tell them what we were doing at the school to recycle batteries.  She said her family members were going to start recycling their batteries too. Every little bit helps, we can all make a difference.” –
Betty MacDonald, Principal at Montague Consolidated School

See below to check out your school’s total:

Students from Morell Consolidated School packing collected used-batteries as part of PEI’s Battery Blitz

  1. Eliot River Elementary: 2,203KG 
  2. West Royalty Elementary: 966KG 
  3. Montague Consolidated: 499KG 
  4. Donagh Regional School: 463KG 
  5. Central Queens Elementary: 460KG 
  6. Morell Consolidated: 234KG 
  7. Parkdale Elementary: 167KG 
  8. Elm Street Elementary: 148KG


  1. Wow! Awesome, way to go everyone! I am still working on my independent mission. I’m waiting for my batteries to die, even though they’re entertaining me, I want to help the environment. Lol Someone me got after me. Saving the planet is very important to us.