Eco All-Star #6: Dr. Jane Goodall


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Name: Jane Goodall

Born: April 3, 1934 London, England

Environmental Role: Primatologist, Anthropologist, Environmental Activist

“Quit monkeying around” is probably not something you’d hear from Jane Goodall. That’s because she loves primates, especially chimpanzees! In fact, there’s an entire institute named after her whose main purpose is to support chimpanzee research in Africa. She has spent 60 years studying them and is a real chimpanzee expert. If you’re a primate fan, Jane Goodall is the Eco All-Star for you! 

Jane Goodall Eco All-Star Fast Facts:

1. When Jane was a child, her grandfather gave her a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee. Jubilee meant so much to her that she still has it today!

2. At 26 years old, Jane started studying chimpanzees in Tanzania. Her research there would last 60 years! She discovered two groundbreaking things: chimpanzees can use tools, and they eat meat. 

3. Instead of giving a number to each of the chimpanzee she was studying, Jane used fun names like David Greybeard, Goliath, Mike, Humphrey, Gigi, Flo, and Frodo!

4. Jane has given speeches all over the world, and not just about chimpanzees! She’s also spoken about climate change, wildlife conservation and much more

5. Jane has been given lots of awards for her work. She was even named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2019!

6. In 2020 Jane promised to plant 5 million trees with the Jane Goodall Institute. Now that’s a lot of trees! 

Jane Goodall’s work changed the world! She gave us a look into the lives of chimpanzees that no one had ever given us before. She has inspired many of us to love primates and to protect them and their habitats. Thank you Jane Goodall for all the incredible research! 

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