Eco All-Star #1: Sir David Attenborough


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Sir David Attenborough

Name: Sir David Attenborough      

Born: May 8, 1926, in Isleworth, Middlesex, England           

Environmental Role: Environmental Advocate, a voice in environmentalism, and supporter of environmental causes

You’ve probably heard Sir David Attenborough’s voice before. As the narrator of the ‘Planet Earth’ series, he took us around the world and gave us an insider’s look at what really goes on in the wild. While this might be the way many of us know him best, it’s just one of the ways he’s an Eco All-Star.

David Attenborough Eco All-Star Fast Facts

1. He knows all about nature and the planet. He studied geology (the physical features of the Earth) and zoology (everything to do about animals) in school, and has explored many of the planet’s ecosystems.

2. He is an environmental advocate. That means he stands up for the environment and teaches us about the importance of conserving nature.

3. As a broadcaster with the BBC and the narrator of Plant Earth, he brought the natural world to our TVs for many years. He’s taken viewers on adventures in the rainforest with monkeys, underneath the canopy of huge sequoia trees, on a frigid coastline observing puffins, and so many more.

4. He supports lots of environmental organizations, like World Wildlife Fund, Fauna and Flora International, and BirdLife International.

5. He is such an important Eco All-Star that he’s been knighted twice! Maybe he should be called Sir Sir David Attenborough!

David Attenborough’s work has inspired a love for nature in many people, and with that, a drive to protect the planet.  His dedication to advocacy, conservation, and nature exploration has had significant impacts on the planet and people alike.

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