Enter the Living Forests Photo Contest


Hey Earth Ranger! Did you know that you have the chance to win* 1 of 3 awesome cameras? All you have to do is take a photo that captures the beauty of Canada’s forests and submit it to the Living Forests Photo Contest!

Living Forests Photo Contest has ended. Good luck to everyone who entered!

Head out to the woods with your family for a forest adventure and see if you can snap some pics that will fit into the categories below. Submit a picture for one or all three – the choice is yours!

We’re looking for entries in each of these contest categories:


The best pictures in each category will win a Canon Rebel T5 Camera and have the photo they submitted printed on canvas so they can hang it up in their room and show it off. Two runners-up in each category will also have their photo printed on canvas.

When the contest ends, we’ll go through all the amazing pictures you’ve submitted and narrow it down to 15 finalists for each category based on the following criteria:
• How well does your photo fit in the category? For example, the photo you submit in the “Forest animals” category should have a forest animal in it! (worth 50%)
• How good is the photo? (worth 25%)
• How creative is the photo? (worth 25%)
Then we’ll send the finalists off to the judges who will determine the winners.

Click here to meet the judges!

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