Introducing the Rad Red Fox!


Have you ever seen a red fox? In most parts of Canada, a red fox isn’t too far away. These large, intelligent foxes live in urban and rural environments. They also live in many places around the world, including the USA, Europe, North Africa and Australia. You might think, based on the red fox’s name that its coat is, well, red… but not always! Red fox fur is sometimes silver, brown or even black. They have lovely bushy tails that help them with balance and help to keep them warm in chilly temperatures. Red foxes are rad!

A Fox Grows Up
A dog and vixen (that’s a male and female fox) make great parents. When they’re ready to start a family, they find a cozy den to have their babies, sometimes using the burrow of another animal. When their pups are born in the spring (between 1-10 are born at once, but 5 is average), the red fox parents care for them throughout the summer. In the beginning the pups are fed pre-chewed food by their parents, but eventually they learn to hunt for themselves. In the fall, the little foxes are ready to head out on their own. And they need our help!

Lending a Hand
Although red foxes are widely distributed, urban red foxes face unique challenges. They’re often found in meadow habitats, but unfortunately these habitats are decreasing as more homes are being built and urban areas continue to expand. That’s why it’s so important we help conserve and restore them!

Working with our partners at the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, we’re helping restore a 16 km stretch of meadowlands in Toronto that will provide quality habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals, like the red fox. The Meadoway Project will restore this important greenspace by removing invasive species, cleaning up litter, and planting the native plants that animals like the red fox need to survive!

Your adoption kit comes with a personalized certificate, red fox poster, and an adorable fox plushie!

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  2. Foxes are my favourite animal in all the galaxies of the universe I love foxes so much I am doing everything I can to help the.

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