Podcast: Biodi-what?!-sity and an Enchanting Underwater Encounter


Hello Earth Rangers! Today Emma talks all about biodiversity – don’t worry if you don’t understand what that means (hint: it’s actually two words – ‘bio’ and ‘diversity’); Emma conducts a special sound experiment to help explain it. Also in this episode – Emma’s visit to the Royal Ontario Museum’s Schad Gallery of Biodiversity where she got treated to a guided tour by Mark Peck the gallery manager. Finally, a special animal encounter story by our very own presenter Earth Ranger Sarah about her encounter with her all-time-favourite sea animal!

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Here are photos of the Royal Ontario Museum’s Schad Gallery of Biodiversity where Emma visited last year. If you can’t visit right now – why don’t you take this virtual tour instead?

And this is how a nudibranch looks like – no wonder Earth Ranger Sarah finds them so fascinating!

What do you think about biodiversity?

Do you have your own peculiar-favourite-critter that nobody understands why you like it?

Would you prefer to encounter a nudibranch or a dolphin?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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