What kind of bird uses ink to write? A PEN-guin!


Are you the type of person who loves jokes? I mean, everyone loves a good laugh! Do you also love animals? Of course you do, you’re an Earth Ranger! That means you’re going to LOVE the new Earth Rangers’ calendar! It’s got the funniest animal jokes of 2022, just ask these howling hyenas:

But this calendar isn’t just about animal jokes! It’s also got lots of animal facts, and a whole bunch of animal themed days. With this calendar, you’ll always remember to wish your friends and family a happy International Zebra Day, World Sawfish Day, and of course, International Wombat Day!

Here’s the best part: for a limited time, the Earth Rangers Calendar comes absolutely free with the purchase of any Wildlife Adoption! Hurry, it’s only available while supplies last!


  1. I like how one of the hyinas said “ that new earth rangers calendar is hilarious!” And thanks for telling me how to level up. We can do this with teamwork!