Ever heard of Electric Hornets?


This isn’t just a scary title. It’s a true story! There actually are electric hornets – well, sort of. But don’t worry; these insects won’t be shocking anyone anytime soon. Let’s take a look at the oriental hornet and its solar-powered abilities!

Do you remember what solar power is? If you don’t, here’s a quick recap:
– Solar power is energy collected from the sun’s rays.
– One of the most common ways we collect this energy is through solar panels.
– When the sun shines on the solar panels, the energy is absorbed and converted into power we can use in our homes and buildings.

The oriental hornet captures the sun’s energy just like the solar panels do. The sun shines on the hornet’s exoskeleton and most of the energy is absorbed and turned into electricity. Oriental hornets are the only member of the animal kingdom we know of that can use solar power this way!

What does the oriental hornet need electricity for?
Well, it’s not for lighting its home, that’s for sure! Actually, scientists aren’t 100% sure what these hornets use the electricity for, but they have some theories:
– Some scientists think it’s to help power their muscles—the electricity gives the hornets’ wings an extra jolt of energy!
– It may also help them stay comfortable in different temperatures by converting heat into electricity to stay cool and then converting back into heat when the weather becomes chilly.

Regardless of what these hornets use the electricity for, you can’t deny that it’s pretty cool!

Hey! Did you know that solar power is a form of renewable energy? Learn more here!

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