March Break Madness: Are You Up for the Challenge?


For some lucky students it’s March Break and that means school is out! To keep your eco-smarts sharp, kick off your March Break with an Earth Rangers’ challenge! Gather your friends and see who can do the most challenges and rack up the most points. Ready, set…let the March Break Challenge begin!

Challenge: Hummingbirds beat their wings an average of 70-80 times per second. Check out this video of a hummingbird flapping its wings in slow motion and see how many times you can flap your arms before the video ends (make sure you clear space so you don’t knock anything over while flapping).
Points: Score 1 point for every arm flap.

Challenge: Countdown through a Top Ten list, choose one of these posts filled with everything from big dogs and sharks to awesome frogs and wacky plants.
Points: Score 5 points for completing a countdown.


Challenge: Earth Rangers has some amazing missions that you can do to help the planet, like starting a fundraising campaign to protect animals or collecting and recycling batteries.
Points: Score 5 points for starting a mission and 20 for completing a mission.

Challenge: The Pika in this video sure loves nibbling on this leaf; can you source your inner Pika in time for a snack?
Points: Score 5 points for nibbling a healthy snack like a Pika. Score 15 bonus points for making someone laugh while snacking like a Pika.

smarty pants
Challenge: Power up on animal smarts by sharing a fun fact. Pick one of these animals and check out their profile page, find a fun fact and tell a friend.
Points: Score 10 points for sharing an animal fact.


Challenge: Be a Phantom Power Detective! Take a peak around your house and unplug devices that aren’t in use but are still using up power, like videogame consoles, phone chargers, stereos and TVs.
Points: Score 5 points for every power hungry device you unplug.


Challenge: Check out the live shark cam at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Shark Lagoon and count how many sharks you see in one minute.
Points: Score 1 point for every shark spotted.


Challenge: Play the Leaping Lemur game and see how skilled you are at collecting lemur food and dodging predators.
Points: Score what level you get to in the game Leaping Lemur.


Challenge: Help conserve water by thinking twice before you waste a single drop.
Points: Subtract from your score how many minutes you left the tap running when you brushed your teeth today.


Challenge: Your duds are looking a little stale, time to spice things up with some new clothes. Login to your account, click on “My Donation Page”, select your avatar and pick an outfit.
Points: Score 5 points for being a fashion diva.


Challenge: The Alston’s singing mouse is known for its high-pitched songs, which they use to mark the boundaries of their territory and keep rivals away. Come up with your own song to tell the world about your home.
Points: Score 15 points for making up a song that will keep rivals out of your territory.

Challenge Completed! Congratulations! Tally up your points, post them below and share with your friends.

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.