Podcast Bonus Episode: Emma and the bird who eats…snakes?


Well guys, this is it! We’ve come to the last bonus episode for Season 1 of the Earth Rangers Podcast. But don’t worry because we’ll be back with Season 2 before you know it! In the meantime, have you ever heard of an awesome bird with a mohawk that likes to EAT SNAKES?? Find out which bird we’re talking about in this episode!

The Earth Rangers Podcast is the BEST animal podcast EVER! You’ll join Emma, our podcast host and Earth Ranger Extraordinaire, as she journeys from ecosystem to ecosystem on a quest to solve some of nature’s greatest mysteries!

Bonus Episode: Emma and the bird who eats…snakes?

Take a look at the artwork for this podcast. You can see a fox, a caribou, but what in the world is that bird?! Emma solves that little mystery on this week’s bonus episode!

Just click the play button on the player below and get ready for another adventure!

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