The Earth Rangers’ National Tour


Earth Rangers’ headquarters is located in a beautiful conservation area in Woodbridge, Ontario; it is where our staff work, and the Animal Ambassadors live. Teams of Earth Rangers head out from our headquarters every day to visit schools, inspiring students to protect the environment and help Bring Back the Wild™. After a busy day of visiting classrooms the Earth Rangers’ team return to our headquarters…that is until last week when one group didn’t come back!

Instead of returning to the Earth Rangers’ Centre one of the school outreach teams took a sharp left and headed west, like wayyy west. They are calling themselves the “National Tour Team” and they’re taking the Earth Rangers’ School Show across Canada!

Schools in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are in for quite an adventure this school year as the Earth Rangers’ team drops in with special guests like Darius the Peregrine falcon, Crimson the Red tegu, Echo the Barn owl and Linus the Harris hawk. Students will be introduced to these amazing animals and given tips on how they can help protect our planet. Kids can also take action to help animals by starting a Bring Back the Wild™ campaign to protect the Oregon spotted frog, American badger, Wood thrush, and the Polar bear.

Has Earth Rangers visited your school? Post a comment below and tell us all about it!

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  1. they came to my school last year and we had fun learning all of the amaizing facts about animals that is how they inspierd me to join the earth rangers team!

    ps:I am rating this article 5/5

    • Thanks for your comment andrestar22, glad you enjoyed the Earth Rangers school show and that it inspired you to join Earth Rangers!

  2. im going to ask my principal probably sometime tjis week about earth rangers coming to our school! im pretty sure he will say yes, but of course I have to ask first do I ask you t cone to our school though? like, am I able or can my mom do it or does the principal haveto do it?