What Do You Think About Climate Change?


Climate change is a popular topic these days and we want to know if it’s something you find interesting or if it’s as boring as your math homework. Are you more worried about animals going extinct or about crazy weather? Let us know your thoughts by taking our survey below!

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Calling all Ontario climate change fighters!

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  1. its TEH WORST it is a new threat a new enemy so many animals arent equipped to deal with polar bears walrus seasls and snowshoe hairs

  2. What we do in this next decade will make all the difference, if we don’t stop climate change we will cause terrible effects on the Earth. If we don’t, we are setting up for the annihilation of the ecosystem that have effects for thousands and possibly millions of years. We would also most likely cause our own extinction. These next ten years matter. We have to make a difference and be the change before it is too late.

  3. How can we stop politicians who go around saying it is not true that climate change is happening ?