Get charged up about Battery Recycling Day!


February 18th is Battery Recycling Day! You might be thinking, “Wait…why is there’s a day to celebrate batteries?” Because they deserve one, that’s why!

Batteries give power to so many things we use all the time. Just imagine what life would be like without batteries. There would be no laptops, TV remotes and definitely no tablets! Say goodbye to cars because they wouldn’t exist either!
Batteries are powerful while they last, but eventually they will all run out of juice. Yes, even rechargeable batteries lose their charge. That’s because the chemicals in the battery break down over time. So what do you do with a battery when it’s dead? Putting them in the garbage is definitely a big NO and your household recycling bin is off limits. Dead batteries need to be disposed of at a battery recycling depot. Check out this video to learn more!

Did you know that Earth Rangers has a whole Mission dedicated to recycling batteries? Through the Battery Blitz Mission, kids across Canada have helped keep batteries out of landfills. You can help too!

Plus for a limited time, you can enter the battery blitz contest for your chance to win an awesome prize pack!

Accept the Battery Blitz Mission today!



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