Here's the problem: animals and their homes are in serious trouble

Across the world, an estimated 25% of mammals, 31% of reptiles and 33% of amphibians are threatened with extinction. One of the greatest threats faced by species today is habitat loss. The statistics are shocking and heartbreaking:

- 60% of the world's ecosystems have been degraded

- 50% of the world's forests are gone

- 67% of the world's wetlands are gone

- 1.5 billion hectares of ocean floor habitats are destroyed every year

- In Canada 13 species have already gone extinct and over 400 are listed as species at risk

The list goes on and on. Indeed, the damage is so severe that many scientists argue that we are in the midst of history's 6th mass extinction, which is the greatest loss of life on Earth since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Scientists call it the Biodiversity Crisis.

Bring Back the Wild™: A program to empower children to protect wild animals and their homes

Almost unanimously, children identify the crisis facing animals as their number one environmental concern and are passionate about taking action to protect species and their habitats.

Earth Rangers has responded to this by developing Bring Back the Wild. Bring Back the Wild™ educates children and their families on the importance of biodiversity and raises funds to support the acquisition and restoration of endangered habitats across the country through partnerships with leading conservation groups like the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Wildlife Conservation Society and others.

To participate, children log onto where they learn about our different conservation projects and select the specific animal they would like to help protect.

Bring Back the Wild™ is promoted year-round to over a million children and their families across the country through our live shows, national television presence, website and social media promotions. Since launching the program in September 2010, over 150,000 children have registered to help protect animals and their habitats.

The distribution of funds raised by the Bring Back the Wild™ Program is as follows:

  • 50% of the funds raised supports protecting habitats across Canada
  • 50% supports our education programs to teach more kids about the crisis facing wild animals and biodiversity

Earth Rangers is a registered Canadian charity (BN/Registration Number: 892200528RR0001).
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ON THE WEB has an online community of over 140,000 children. The site features a video page where children can explore engaging videos of species in the wild and a popular game page which consists of 25 environmentally-themed games.

The Wild Wire Blog also provides environmental news articles, interesting facts about animals and fun "top ten" lists. Our Rangers Reporters provide updates on Bring Back the Wild projects, and interviews with environmental figures from the Wild Wire News Desk.

With constantly evolving content, is the ideal destination for kids interested in biodiversity and conservation. To watch a brief tutorial video, please visit our About Earth Rangers page.


Using the power of live animals to connect with children, our School Outreach Program reaches over 500 elementary schools across Canada annually.

The program begins with a full school assembly featuring our live Animal Ambassadors demonstrating their amazing natural behaviors. The assembly focuses on natural science and the challenges facing Canadian biodiversity today. Telling the stories of four unique Canadian species, the program inspires students to want to learn more about animals and their habitats and work to help protect biodiversity.

Complimenting each show is a catalogue of Earth Rangers science-related resources for educators that offer curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans.

Classroom Visit Program

Building on the success of our School Assembly Program, Earth Rangers is launching a unique, classroom visit initiative to further enhance student learning and meet environmental science curriculum requirements for grades 3 to 5 students. Launching in the fall of 2014, the program is designed in collaboration with leading institutions including the Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Vancouver Aquarium. The classroom visits are a follow-up to the school assembly program and delve deeper into specific subjects like invasive species, captive breeding programs and water conservation.


The Earth Rangers Community Show is an exciting and entertaining program featuring some of our larger and more exotic Animal Ambassadors, like Sammy the serval cat jumping 10 feet in the air or Koho the bald eagle swooping inches above the audience.

The 20 minute, multi-media presentation takes the audience on a trip around the world to meet and celebrate some of the planet's most amazing creatures. The show creates a powerful connection between the audience and the natural world, and inspires children and their families to take action in their everyday lives to help the environment.

The show is performed annually at multiple community venues and museums across Canada.

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