It’s Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!

Today is a special day here at Earth Rangers because we get to celebrate our beautiful planet and all of the amazing animals we share it with. Are you a fox fan? Or maybe you’re more of a polar bear pal? With our Wildlife Adoptions program we help tons of different animals (12 to be exact!), and now just in time for Earth Day we’re offering free shipping on all of our adoption kits!

Pick your fave and use code EM52020 on checkout to get your discount.

Don’t forget to send us a pic of you and your plush pal, or ask a parent to post one on social with the hashtag #EarthMonthForAnimals to encourage your friends and family to learn more about your animal-saving journey!

Want to learn more about our Wildlife Adoptions Program? Click here.


  1. This app is so amazing you do task while having so much fun. And I love the red fox and I think I’m going to adopt one soon!! Have fun on amazing adventures with this app and everyone else