Lily and Caitlyn’s Bring Back the Wild Birthday Bonanza


Earth Rangers Lily and Caitlyn have tons in common. They go to the same school, play on the same hockey team, and share the same passion for protecting animals and the environment! So when it came time to start thinking about their birthday parties (because their birthdays are less than 2 months apart – they really do share everything!), they knew what to do.

Taking inspiration from a popular game show, the girls threw a themed birthday party – with a twist! Instead of asking for presents, they asked for donations for their Ringed Seal campaigns. They even made seal cupcakes, enlisting the help of Lily’s Granny, Eve, and boy do they look yummy!

Even though they only asked party guests for $5 donations, Lily and Caitlyn’s friends went above and beyond, and the girls raised $450 for their Bring Back the Wild campaigns! Being the dedicated Earth Rangers they are they didn’t stop there, though; instead, the girls put the extra money towards new campaigns so they could help as many animals as possible!

Lily and Caitlyn are just two examples of the animal-saving heroes that have joined our team, and we think they’re doing an amazing job protecting animals everywhere. Way to go girls!

What is Earth Rangers doing to help Ringed Seals?

Ringed Seals need Arctic sea ice to survive. They sleep on it, hunt on it, and even have their babies on it! Unfortunately due to climate change the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is decreasing, and this could cause big problems for the adorable Ringed Seal.

That’s why we’re working with The W. Garfield Weston Foundation and the University of Manitoba on a project that will learn more about how climate change might affect Ringed Seals. They’re using satellite trackers to track Ringed Seals in the Arctic and monitor their populations, and then looking at how different habitat conditions (like the amount of sea ice and sea surface temperature) affect their populations. The team has seal tracking data that goes all the way back to 1989, and thanks to this Bring Back the Wild project they’ll also be able to hire experts who will go through years of information to figure out the important environmental data from the same time period. Your donations will also help the team buy more satellite trackers so they can continue to tag and track Ringed Seals for years to come!

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W. Garfield Weston Foundation

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University of Manitoba

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