Become a Monarch Master & Protect Pollinators!


They may be tiny, but did you know these fantastic fliers have one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom?

Monarch Butterflies travel nearly 4,000 km each year to spend their winters in Mexico, and preparing for this amazing journey requires a lot of energy!

That’s why it’s so important that we make sure migrating monarchs have lots of good breeding and nectaring habitat available so they can continue their incredible voyage for generations to come.

That’s where you come in! Join us as we work on an amazing project that will...

  • Replant native wildflower seeds on over 10 acres of butterfly habitat in southcentral Ontario
  • Remove the invasive species from this habitat to help increase the diversity of the wildflowers available for nectar

Start your Bring Back the Wild campaign today and help Earth Rangers, CRH, and the Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) work hard to protect the magnificent monarch!

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    • You raise money by using the fundraiser toolkit and then you click the button that says donate then a adult fills the information in.