To Mexico We Go!


Are you suffering from a case of the January blahs? Maybe you went away for the holidays and are currently wishing you were back somewhere warm? Well look no further, Earth Ranger – we’re taking you to Mexico to check in on the magnificent Monarch Butterfly and see where it’s at on its epic migration! Pack the sunscreen and let’s head south!

By now most of Canada’s Monarch Butterflies have escaped the harsh winter cold, having flown the thousands of kilometers to the forests of Michoacán, nestled on the tops of some of Mexico’s highest mountains. Here they’ll land in the pine and Oyamel fir trees that fill these forests, clustering in large groups on the trunks and branches of their new winter homes.

Now, when we think of butterflies we think of small, delicate insects with paper-thin wings – but this picture changes big time when we think about the millions of monarchs that end up in Mexico. It’s been said that when migrating monarchs are at their highest density, the trees they cluster in look orange, and their branches even sag under the weight of the butterflies! We know it sounds hard to believe – how could a few tiny bugs have such a big impact?! Our thoughts exactly… until we saw this:

Pretty crazy right?! The monarchs will stay here until the spring, when the return of the warm sun tells them to open their wings and take flight. They start their long journey home around March, flying back to North America in a trip that will take months – and multiple generations of monarchs to complete!

Making this migration is no easy feat! Monarch Butterflies need lots of resources (like food and shelter) to make their journey successfully, which is why it’s so important that we make sure they have lots of good breeding and nectaring habitat available.

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