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Funny Talking Animals – Roadtrip Edition!

Tag along with this punny group of animal friends as they embark on an epic adventure - they meme business!
leopard yawn

Whatever you do, DO NOT YAWN!

These animals are so sleepy, it's contagious. We bet you can't make it through this whole video without yawning.

Caption This! What’s This Horse Thinking?

Do you know what this horse is thinking? Let us know!

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Which Great Bear Rainforest animal are you?

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What Animal Ambassador Are You?

Who are you most like: Forrest the fox, Hudson the lynx, Cosmo the lemur or Koho the bald eagle?

Top Ten Cutest Animal Ambassador Moments

The Earth Rangers' Animal Ambassadors have all kinds of crazy adventures, and we've got the photos to prove it!
monarch butterfly livecycle

Monarch Butterfly Trivia Challenge

How well do you know monarch butterflies? Find out, by seeing how many of these monarch trivia questions you can answer!

Funny Talking Animals Video

Meet a hungry bear who hates spinach, watch a snow leopard tickle fight, sing along at animal bathtime and find out why two penguins are arguing about pizza in this funny talking animals video.

How much do you know about bottled water?

Put your bottled water knowledge to the test!