Can you get 100% on the Ultimate Climate Change Quiz?


As an Earth Ranger, we know we can count on you to spread awareness about climate change to your friends and family – but how much do you really know about this troubling trend? Take the quiz below to find out!

All the answers to this quiz can be found in these climate change Missions: Just 1 Tree, Flip the Switch, What’s at Steak, Carbon Footprint Investigation and Operation Conservation. Good luck!

Great work – ready for the bonus round?!

Whether you aced the quiz or have some more studying to do, we bet you’ll get this one right for sure:

True or false: Climate change is a big problem, but we can help if we work together.

It might seem like a big job, but the good news is that schools, families, cities, business, governments, and Earth Rangers everywhere are taking action. There’s so much that we can do to help – and we can have fun doing it too! Accept the Just 1 Tree Mission and plant a seed to create new animal habitat, or if gardening isn’t your thing, try the Flip the Switch Mission, where you’ll help animals just by changing a couple light bulbs. Small actions can make a huge difference!

Let us know how you did, and how you’re doing your part to help fight against climate change, in the comments below!


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