Wondering how to donate?


Our team at Earth Rangers Headquarters noticed a lot of you want to help fundraise for a Bring Back the Wild campaign, and that’s AWESOME!

We want to help, and we noticed you’ve been asking how to donate, so we put together some quick instructions to help you out! Please make sure that a parent/guardian sees the following details on how to donate to your Bring Back the Wild Campaign.

We have two options available for making donations:

(1) You can mail a cheque or money order to the Earth Rangers Foundation (make sure to include a letter detailing your Ranger ID and Member info – we want to make sure you gain recognition for your AMAZING work!). Click here for more info. 

(2) Your parent/guardian can make the donation online by clicking the “Donate” button when they’re on your donation page

If your donors request a Tax Receipt your can keep track of their information on a Pledge Sheet! Yes Earth Rangers, it’s really that easy 😀

We hope this helps, but if you or your parents have any questions please email us at info@earthrangers.com. Keep up the awesome work!

~ Earth Ranger Liz ~



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