Eco-Activity: Say ‘SUP to recycled bead curtains!


It’s time to cut the SUPs – single-use plastics, that is! These are plastic products like straws, grocery bags, and water bottles, designed to be used only once before they end up in the bin. Keep them out of the trash and give them a new life with this DIY bead curtain instead!

First, gather your supplies. All you’ll need are scissors and string (yarn or twine should do the trick), but you can get creative with paints and glitter glue too!

Next, canvas your trash and recycling bins for some colourful plastics you can use to get creative. Bottle lids, detergent containers, plastic packaging, and even takeout containers should do the trick! You’ll want items that you’ll be able to cut easily.

Decide where your bead curtain will hang and cut pieces of string to length. Once you’ve tied on your beads, put up your curtain and admire your artwork!