Eco-Activity: It’s a fox fun creature feature – PLUS bonus points!


Introducing the Creature Feature, a new weekly eco-activity series where we’ll highlight one of the amazing animals we’re working hard to protect here at Earth Rangers. This week’s guest of honour is the Arctic Fox!

The Arctic fox is a master of camouflage, changing its coat from a dusty brown in the summer to a snow white every winter. This helps it blend into its surroundings, making it less noticeable to predators – but sadly predators aren’t the only threat these cute critters are facing. 

Climate change is causing habitat loss not only for Arctic foxes, but also for their prey, which means they’re having a harder time finding food. Learning more about how foxes use their habitat to find food is really important! By tracking their movements with GPS collars, then comparing this to information about where their prey are found, we’ll be able to better predict how habitat changes might affect them in the future. Click here to learn more!

Now it’s time for some fox fun! Think you can solve this crossword? Besides flexing your knowledge of fox facts, you’ll also be cracking a code for 10 bonus points – enter the answer to the clue at 4 Across in the Code Vault in the Earth Rangers App to cash in!


  1. Some foxes aren’t cute they can be quite aggressive but I’ve got to admit that the pups are cute

  2. My favourite fact about arctic foxes is that they have so many kits. What is everyone else’s favourite fact?