Eco-Activity: It’s a DIY Plastic Free July!


Earth Rangers is excited to kick off Plastic Free July, a whole month dedicated to being more mindful about the plastic waste we consume with the goal of reducing how much we use. For today’s eco-activity we’ve come up with a simple waste-reducing activity to get you started! This DIY reusable utensil kit is a crafty pouch you can use to keep your reusable utensils in – simply store it in your bag and you’ll never need plastic cutlery again!

Materials required:

  • Small piece of scrap fabric (about 11 cm x 30 cm, but can vary depending on the length of your utensils)
  • Needle and thread
  • Button (optional)

Here’s how to make your pouch:

  1. Cut your fabric into a rectangle with your chosen dimensions (your rectangle should be just a bit longer and wider than your utensil set laid out)
  2. Turn your fabric inside out then sew up the two sides of your rectangle and around the bottom, leaving just the top completely open
  3. Once your stitching is complete, flip your fabric right-side-out again
  4. Fold about two inches of the fabric at the top down over the rest of the pouch – this will be the flap that keeps your pouch closed
  5. Where the fold meets the rest of the pouch, sew on a button to secure it
  6. Cut a small hole in the flap so the button fits through snugly
  7. Slide your utensils inside, close and fasten your pouch, and voila! Stash your pouch in your bag to make sure you never need single-use plastic utensils again!


  1. I love sewing! And knitting! I don’t know how to crochet yet but I’m going to learn and I’m sure I’ll love that too!

  2. Last year sewed a bunch of koala mittens for koalas during the forest fires in Australia. Sewing, and helping animals at the same time!