Eco-Activity: Owlsome scrap stamps


Today’s Eco Activity: Owlsome Scrap Stamps

Have you ever tried using bits of food scraps to re-grow plants and veggies? It’s so easy! Using just a cup of water, you can regenerate kitchen food staples like lettuce, garlic, basil, and celery. While you wait for your home-grown scrap garden to flourish, you can use some fun-shaped scraps as stamps to step up your DIY art game!

You may have some veggie scraps leftover as your family prepares autumn soups and stews. The tougher bits of celery that aren’t as satisfying to nibble on are perfect for homemade stamps! All you need is a little bit of paint or ink and you’re good to go, copy & paste style.

We’ve started our Scrap Stamp soirée by using celery to stamp in the feathers of an owl. What other animals can you recreate using food scraps? Share your project with us by tagging our official social media pages to show off your masterpieces!