Gift Wrapping Station

Put your gift wrapping skills to good use!

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, mother’s day or father’s day, gifts always need wrapping. Why not organize a Gift Wrapping Station to collect donations for the project you’re supporting! Just ask people to bring you their gifts and wrap them for a small donation.



  • Choose a specific time and place for your gift wrapping session.
  • Invite some friends to help out so you can get even more wrapping done.
  • Have an adult to supervise (and help out with some of the trickier gifts).
  • Put up a poster to let people know about your Gift Wrapping Station.



  1. To add on this, why don’t you do a present sale? Before Christmas, find all of your old toys, books, and jewlery that you don’t use any more, and organise a present sale. Maybe make some handmade ornaments, too, and play some Christmas music. Sell things at a low price ( $1-$5) and people are sure to show up. They can get a load of their Christmas shopping done at once for cheap.

    • LilahClaire,
      With Christmas and the winter season coming around in a couple of months that could definitely work. It kind of sounds like a winter yard sale, which in any case could be. You could probably set this up by your school or home. Somewhere that people often pass by. The only places that wouldn’t be as great to set up would be near stores/shopping centers, anywhere that specifically sells food or amusement items as you could get in trouble for marketing items on that property.
      The whole idea with setting up music for your ‘customers’ to listen to sounds great! If it’s a cold day maybe sell some homemade hot chocolate and cookies too, for a dollar or two each. I’m sure that would get people’s interest even more as they could accommodate their needs (hunger and thrist) if they so desire.

  2. i might do it , it all depends on time , how good you are at raping and how many friends you have. plus i think that the videos are great.