Team Animal Saver Set off for South America


Just the facts

team animal saver, global vetsRecruits: Anna, Luke, Chanelle, Alison L. and Alison D.
Favourite Animal: Anna is crazy about dogs, Luke likes the Ocelot, Chanelle loves the Wood Duck, Alison L.’s vote goes to the Alpaca and Alison D is all about bunnies!
Best class in Veterinary College: According to Anna, Luke and Chanelle, the Principles of Disease is interesting because you learn about viruses and parasites. Both Alisons and Chanelle also think learning about surgery is pretty cool; after all you get to practice making sutures!
Why they’re in Vet School: Anna is a late recruit to the vet camp; only realizing it was what she wanted to do while volunteering as an undergraduate student. Luke grew up on a dairy farm where he developed an appreciation for the importance animals had for the success of the family business. Chanelle and Alison L. agree that they have always wanted to be vets, a desire that stems from a love for science and animals. Alison D. grew up working and volunteering with animals. She loved it so much that she knew it was what she wanted to do.
Trip details: This team will be helping veterinarians in Northern Peru and Bolivia, and volunteering at an Animal Refuge in Bolivia. They also hope to make time for exploring the local area with activities like hiking in the rainforest, canoeing, bird watching and maybe even some zip-lining!

south america llama

Q and A with Anna, Luke, Chanelle, Alison L. and Alison D.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve learned about animals? “A Flea can jump 200 times its own body height! Horses are also pretty amazing because they don’t have gallbladders and they can lock their legs so that it takes almost no energy to stand, I wish humans could do that!”
Got any advice for kids who want to become veterinarians? “Work hard in school and volunteer in places like veterinary clinics to get hands on experience in the field. Never forget that you have always wanted to be a vet because you love animals and never let anyone discourage you!”
Why are you volunteering with Global Vets? “This experience offers a unique opportunity to travel to different parts of the world while helping animals in areas less accessible to veterinary care. We will get to work with animals that we may never treat in Canada and have the opportunity to learn a lot from the people we meet, gaining knowledge that will make us better vets.”

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