Team Exploring Vets Visit East Africa


Just the facts

Global Vets East Africa teamRecruits: Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie
Favourite Animal: Alison’s favourite animal is the whale because they are so big and impressive. Melissa loves all animals, for space reasons we couldn’t list them all so she picked the Giant panda. Christiane thinks dogs are awesome but Siberian tigers are pretty cool too. Sadie loves brave animals and that’s why she likes lions!
Best class in Veterinary College: Alison likes Clinical Medicine because you get to see real patients and talk about the cases with vets and upper-year students. Both Melissa and Christiane like Principles of Surgery while Sadie’s favourite is Pharmacology/Anesthesiology.
Why they’re in Vet School: Both Alison and Christiane had dogs when they were little; this love for their pet grew into a lifelong desire to help animals. Melissa’s love for animals led her to volunteer in different areas of vet medicine, experiences that further confirmed that this was the career for her. Sadie loves animals but she also has an interest in science, biology and medicine.
Trip details: In Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania this group will be helping with wildlife rehabilitation and release, volunteering with a mobile veterinarian and visiting with local schools to teach kids about animal care and welfare. They also hope to go on safari, climb Mt. Kenya and see some of Africa’s amazing wildlife like rhinos, leopards, lions, elephants and maybe even a zebra or two.

zebra Africa water plains

Q and A with Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve learned about animals? “Each lion’s whiskers have a unique pattern just like a fingerprint and dairy cows can produce up to 20,000lbs of milk in one lactation. Horses have a range of vision of more than 350° and dogs don’t actually see in black and white, they see in different shades of blues and yellows.”
Got any advice for kids who want to become veterinarians? “Spend as much time with animals as you can and volunteer at a veterinary clinic. Explore all areas of veterinarian medicine, not just the traditional veterinarian for example, vet pharmaceuticals, behaviourists and nutrition. Getting good grades is key. Remember to work hard but also have time to play so that you have a balanced lifestyle.”
Why are you volunteering with Global Vets? “Everyone should learn as much as they can about other cultures, through the Global Vets program we get to experience this while having a life-changing adventure. There is also a big difference in the care for animals available in Canada when compared to Africa. Through Global vets we can volunteer our time and bring needed supplies to help local veterinarians.”

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