How do online rewards work?


As a special thank you for all your hard work protecting animals, Earth Rangers offers super cool rewards! In short, whenever you reach certain fundraising milestones, you’ll earn more rewards.

American Badger, Rewards

Oregon Spotted Frog, Rewards

American Badger Rewards                               Oregon Spotted Frog Rewards

Polar Bear, RewardsWood Thrush, Rewards

Polar Bear Rewards                                            Wood Thrush Rewards


► Children and their families choose an animal they’d like to protect – this is called a “campaign”.

► All campaigns are 3 weeks long (but they can be extended by emailing our support team)

► For the duration of the campaign, children fundraise to achieve their fundraising goal (goals can be changed at any time). As they reach certain milestones, their profile will change to show they’ve earned a new title – and their new rewards! Here’s the milestones:

○   Keeper: $25
○   Defender: $50
○   Hero: $75
○   Protector: $125
○   Champion: $250
○   Guardian: $500
○   Ambassador: $1000

► To see which rewards are currently available, be sure to check out our Bring Back the Wild™ page. Earth Rangers offers limited-time rewards during the holidays and Earth Month.

► When the campaign is over, our technical wizards are notified, and Earth Rangers will send an email to the parent of the child. That email will point parents to a form, where they can fill out their mailing address, shirt or sweater size, etc. That’s why it’s really important that the parent’s email address is correct when signing up!

Note: You can change your parent’s email address by logging in and visiting your Membership Details.

► Why do we do it this way? It’s really important that we protect the personal information of anyone who’s using the website and is under 18 years of age. Therefore, when we need to collect the mailing address to ship the rewards, we will only contact the parent of the child.

► After the parent fills out the form, our team here at the Earth Rangers Centre is notified, and we send out your online rewards package.

► It takes about 4-8 weeks for delivery – but it’s often sooner!

More questions?

Please visit our About page, and fill out the form to contact our Customer Service team – we’d be happy to help! Someone will get back to you within a couple of days.

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