Regrowing a Newt

The eastern Spotted Newt has the ability to regrow tissue. Its can come in handy for such a small animal.

Aliens are Invading! The state of Invasive Species in Canada

Some invasive species may look pretty, like the purple loosestrife, but they are actually very harmful for species around them.

Learning to Love Whale Poop

What whales give back to the ocean.

Batty Language

How do these bats tell who's who.

Social Baboons

See why friendship matters!

Speedy Squirrel

They are fast and leave tracks filled with excitement!

A Moody Blue Jay

These birds like to let the world know how they're feeling!

Canada is a Wet Country

How much of this huge country is covered in wetlands?
bald eagle family nest sunset

Baby Bald Eagles

These young birds have a tough time making it to adulthood bald eagle family nest sunset

Flight of a Whooping Crane

Whooping Cranes can fly for many hours and over long distances without needing to stop for a break.