Say Hello to these Super Sea Lions!

Patagonian sea lions aren't native to Canada, but they're an important native species in South America. You'd have a hard time missing...

Have You Not Heard of a Red Knot?!

Meet the red knot, a colourful sandpiper with the most gorgeous feathers! This beautiful bird is a real stunner, covered with feathers...

The Amazing Arctic Fox!

If you saw an Arctic fox in the summer, it would look very different than it does in the winter. That's because...

Meet the Murre!

Everyone knows that penguins live in Antarctica, but there are some little birds who look a LOT like their southern cousins living...

Protecting the Powerful Polar Bear!

When you think of Arctic animals, the first creature that comes to mind might be the powerful polar bear. These bears are...

Podcast: Emma’s Fireside Holiday Special

Earth Ranger Emma here! I hope you’re all enjoying some quiet time at the end of the year. Have I ever told you the story of my very first wildlife encounter? Well get comfy, grab a cup of hot cocoa and listen up.

Salmon Savers: Spawning Season is Officially Over!

Well Earth Rangers, spawning season is officially over! Check out our final update from our partners in BC who have more to share about the Sockeye Salmon project!
monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus

Saying goodbye to our summer visitors!

Winter is almost here! With the colder temperatures comes cozy blankets, knitted sweaters, and saying goodbye for another year to our fluttering friends from the south.

One Cool Caribou!

The coolest season of the year is here; it's finally wintertime! We were lucky enough to catch up with Carlos Caribou to get his take on what this season brings.

Do YOU Have a Devious Draft at Home?

Now that winter is here, you might notice some unpleasant chilly breezes in certain parts of your house.