Bye Bye Baggie!

Let’s take a look at what Canada’s provinces and territories are doing to help cut back on single-use plastic bags!

Animals on Low Power Mode: Winter Edition

Not sure how you’re going to be able to survive the cold? Look no further than nature for some inspiration! Check out these animals that power down every winter to save energy.

Grab Some Friends and Start a Club!

There’s something new and exciting happening with Earth Rangers, and we don’t just mean a new way to protect animals.
Caterpillar through Magnifying Glass

I Spy Animals

I spy with my little eye 15 animals hidden in this picture. Can you find them all?

Podcast: The Ghost of the Great Bear Rainforest

Earth Ranger Emma is busy on an overnight research expedition in the Great Bear Rainforest...but things have become a little spooky! In that a ghost in the woods?

Ever heard of Electric Hornets?

Yes, it's true. There actually are electric hornets! But don’t worry; these insects won’t be shocking anyone anytime soon.

Find out how some animals stay warm in cold weather

The cold weather is on its way. Not sure how you'll survive? Be inspired by these animals!
grass, top secret envelope

A new way to protect animals is coming soon!

We're working on something big here at Earth Rangers Headquarters, and we think you're going to love it!

Going Batty for Halloween

We sat down for a chat with Benny the bat who told us all about his life and what it’s like being a Halloween animal.

Podcast: Uptown Squirrels, Penthouse Peregrines and Other

Emma has been travelling here, there and everywhere on the lookout for interesting wildlife. Imagine her surprise when she finds some pretty amazing creatures right in her own backyard!