It’s Toon Time at Earth Rangers! Now Updated!


Hey Rangers! You asked us to animate your AMAZING drawings, and that’s exactly what we did! Check out the new Toon Time submissions below!

Here at Earth Rangers HQ, we think we have the coolest jobs ever. Hangin’ out with our amazing animal ambassadors is pretty cool, but you know what our favourite part is? Working with YOU!

We love reading your comments (Shira9 we totally agree that the animals in love video was sooooo cute, and mikiegamer we’d LOVE to try those cookies!), we laugh at all of your jokes (CrystalColors you really tickled our funny bone with your hilarious skeleton puns), and we’re blown away by your incredible Mission submissions (like Earth Ranger Brianna showing off her collection of 78 batteries to be recycled, and who could forget Earth Ranger Russell and his terrific turquoise bath bombs). We get a ton of different emails and letters, but one thing’s for sure: you guys are super creative and SO talented!

We try to showcase your awesomeness as much as possible, whether it’s on our Wall of Fame or in a special shout-out, but recently we got to thinking about whether we could do something above and beyond that would really highlight your talents – check it out!

Earth Ranger Fallon sent one of our very first Toon Time submissions, and we just had to animate it! Check out Fallon’s incredible work brought to life!

Earth Ranger Lia sent this AMAZING drawing for her Toon Time submission! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Earth Ranger Brooke sent in this amazing drawing as part of her ATK Mission submission, and with a little magic from our team we brought it to life!

Let us know what you think in the comments, and what you’re drawing next so you can share your awesome ideas with your fellow Earth Rangers!

Happy drawing – we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Feel free to email us your amazing art at today!


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