It’s Your Birthday so Celebrate it by Making a Difference!


What’s one thing that everyone has in common? It’s a birthday! You have a birthday, your friend’s little sister has a birthday and even our Animal Ambassadors have birthdays. This year, why not make yours extra special?


Birthdays only come once a year, but they can make a difference that lasts a lifetime!

When you choose to have a Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party, you’re taking action by starting a fundraising campaign to protect one of four threatened animals. That means you’re choosing to ask your friends and family to donate to your campaign instead of buying birthday presents.




Plus, when your parents register you for a party, you’ll get access to awesome Earth Rangers Party Kits for each of the Bring Back the Wild animals. These kits have everything you need to have the best birthday EVER, like printable masks, loot bags, balloons, stickers and tattoos. You can even get special Earth Rangers buttons!

Pretty cool, right? And it’s super easy too! All you need to do is have your parents visit the Earth Rangers Birthday page to register you for a party. Then you choose a party kit, send out your Earth Rangers invitations, and wait for your party to start.


  1. My birthday is pretty far away so I have tons of time to think if I want to celebrate it as an earth ranger!

  2. Before I read this I already planed my birthday to raise money for animals! My Eco club teacher told me to speak at our school assembly!