Managing your child’s experience on

Account Activation

When your child registers for their free Earth Rangers membership, they are asked to provide the email address of a parent or guardian. At this point, all e-communications will go to that email address. The first email you receive will inform you that your child has registered at It will consist of:

  • Your child’s username and password
  • A link to activate your child’s account
  • Information on membership, including next steps
  • Links to information on our programs, the Earth Rangers Foundation, customer service and FAQ
  • A link to deactivate your child’s account

During the account activation process, you will be asked to provide your name, phone number and mailing address. This information will be used to send your child Mission kits and their personalized membership card and to assist with any customer service inquiries that you or your child may have.

Post-Activation Email Communications

After your child becomes an official Earth Ranger, they can fully explore Members are able to participate in fundraising campaigns and Missions, and are able to download Freebies such as animal ringtones, wallpapers, eBooks and games. To help manage your child’s membership experience, you will periodically receive information about these member-exclusive program launches. You can opt out of these emails at any time.

If your child chooses to start a Bring Back the Wild fundraising campaign, you will receive a notification email providing campaign details and links to customer service and the online FAQ.

Additional Online Safety Tips

  • Earth Rangers products and programs are contained within Some pages, including those on our Wild Wire blog, may provide links to external pages. If your child chooses to leave, they will be directed to a page which informs them that they are about to leave and presents them with safety tips and the opportunity to stay or leave the site.
  • Keep personal information private. Make sure your child’s username does not consist of their first and last name.
  • Although our online community forum (Wild Wire) is moderated, please ensure your child knows to never provide any personal information online.
  • Review your family’s online safety rules with your child before they go online. Need help? You can review the Earth Ranger’s online safety policies here.
  • You can also review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

For more information, please contact Member Care & Support at

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