Celebrating YOUR Animal-Saving-Work this summer!

We're highlighting your inspiring stories and accomplishments this year!


Every day our team at Earth Rangers Headquarters receives incredible updates from members like you, and we want to highlight your inspiring stories and accomplishments; with every mission you complete you’re protecting animals, with every Bring Back the Wild milestone you reach you’re helping to save endangered and at-risk animals, and with the knowledge you learn on the Wild Wire Blog you can help be the change for tomorrow!

The following stories are yours, whether it’s your name and photo or not, we’ve all banded together this year to make a difference for a brighter tomorrow. Let’s all share in this moment, recognizing each of your amazing earth-saving efforts!

Battery Blitz Recharged:

Earth Ranger Olivia completes the Battery Blitz Recharged mission! Amazing work!

Earth Ranger Scarlett completes the Battery Blitz Recharged mission! Wow – our team is super impressed with the incredible work and creativity!

Earth Ranger Aarav completes the Battery Blitz Recharged mission! Collecting 294 batteries!

Fantastic Crafts

Earth Ranger Avery completes the Fantastic Crafts mission! Avery says: “I picked this mission because I love nature and art. I walked around the lake, I picked up leaves and twigs. I had a lot of fun making my picture.

Earth Ranger Beth says: “I painted rocks, that I found in nature. And I made a picture frame. I picked this mission because I love crafts, and nature. I had a lot of fun“. Great work!

Earth Ranger Faith says: “I worked on it for 2 days. I had no string so I used tape and I did it by my self“. Great work!

Flip the Switch

Earth Ranger Matthew completes the Flip the Switch mission, saying; “I picked it because it was really fun. I also went around turning off lights that didn’t need to be on“! Awesome job!

Earth Ranger Grayson completes the Flip the Switch mission at home, conserving energy, and helping to inspire us all! Thank you so much for all the amazing work!

Food Waste Warrior

Earth Ranger Alaina says: “I ate all my supper and school lunches, taking leftovers for lunch is a good tip! This mission was fun!” – AMAZING work!

For the Birds

Earth Rangers Ned and Henri work together to complete the For the Birds mission, proving that together, we can do anything! Amazing work!

Just 1 Tree:

Earth Ranger Devin says: “It was so much fun planting a spruce tree. I hope a robin or owl will pick my tree as their home“. Great work! 

These incredible sisters, Earth Ranger Sienna and Kayla, team up for their Just 1 Tree mission! Helping to inspire others to make positive impacts in their own lives! Great job!

Re-Set the Stat:

Earth Ranger Sophia stays warm during the end of winter this year, with her Re-Set the Stat mission! Keep up the incredible animal-saving work!

Earth Ranger Norah shows us some pretty cool ways to keep warm during winter, without raising the temp on the thermostat! “I am exercising to keep warm by roller skating in my house. I have special wheels that I can put on my hockey skates that let me roller around my house“.

Earth Ranger Carmine says this mission is “a great way to tell if I can take the cold and heat!” Awesome work!

Scavenger Hunt Showdown:

Super Ranger Aiden tackles the Scavenger Hunt Showdown mission this year, saying “We did a nice hike all over the park, everything was super cool and calm. The stairs were really hard to hike up because they were really slanted and steep lol we did 150+ though! The falls were really pretty and it was the perfect day trip!” Great work Super Ranger Aiden! Truly inspiring!

Shoreline Saver

Earth Ranger Avery completes the Shoreline Saver mission, stating: “I picked this mission to protect the birds homes from garbage. I walked around the lake and picked up all the garbage I could. I had a lot of fun!

Earth Ranger Jordan cleans up shorelines, and becomes a Shoreline Saver this year! Truly inspiring work, thank you so much for your help!

Water Taste Challenge

Earth Ranger Bianca hosts a Water Taste Challenge for her mission, stating: “I had a fun time completing this mission. I told my family not to buy anymore water bottles.” 

What’s at Steak

Earth Ranger Lennon says the most surprising thing they learned was “The amount of fossil fuel that is needed to raise livestock“. Incredible work Ranger Lennon, keep it up!

Earth Ranger Marie inspires us all as she completes her What’s at Steak mission! A true chef at work, thank you so much for all the incredible work!

Each and every one of you is an Earth-Saving Hero! Keep up the incredible work – you are the magic of Earth Rangers so remember, when you complete a mission you can send us your mission story and image! Send us your mission submissions for a chance to have your Earth Rangers Journey showcased on the Wild Wire blog!

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