Check out these Awesome Recyclers!


Almost 5,000 Earth Rangers have accepted the RAWR Mission so far. That’s a lot of people who want to Respect Animals While Recycling! Meet two of the awesome recyclers who have completed this Mission:

Ranger Abigail

Why you chose this mission?
I chose to do this mission because there are lots of wild animals where I live and I don’t want them to be harmed by anything we put in our garbage or recycling.

What did you do?
I made sure that all the plastic bags in our garbage had knots tied in them, all the bottles had lids and the cans were crushed so no animals could get inside them. My Dad already composts our organic waste, and uses the compost in our vegetable garden. We also rinse all our containers before recycling them, and we don’t buy any drinks with six-pack rings.

Ranger Neve

Why you chose this mission?
I love animals and making signs.

What did you do?
We talked about how we will recycle things safely and I made a sign.

Great job girls! You rock!

While we’re talking about recycling, did you know…

  • The blue box recycling program started in 1983 in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario.
  • The recycling triangle is actually called the Möbius Loop.
  • Canadians throw away about 57 million plastic straws a day.
  • Some things that look recyclable might not be, like wrapping paper, pizza boxes, takeout containers, ceramic coffee mugs, and Styrofoam. Check with your municipality to make sure.
  • Recyclable items don’t just come from your kitchen. You can find tons of stuff to recycle throughout your house, like toilet paper rolls in the bathroom and used paper in the office.

Accept the RAWR Mission and Respect Animals While Recycling!

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  1. It is fun
    And kind to help animals at school I do green team it’s all the recicaling and that so I reuse all my items to save the animals