Great news about single-use plastics!


Did you hear? The government of Canada recently announced the ban of single-use plastics! That’s great news for the planet! The ban will start as early as 2021, but you can start now! Accept the More Plastic More Problems Mission and cut single-use plastics out of your life!

For a limited time, when you accept this Mission, you’ll get a special Earth Rangers magnet and a list of single-use plastic alternatives!

Meet some Earth Rangers who have already completed this Mission!


He cut out straws, cutlery, produce bags, takeout containers, and plastic wrap.
His team said No to single-use plastic 45 times!
We completely cut out sandwich baggies. We stopped buying them a couple of months ago. We now use reusable Tupperware. We also cut back the use of straws now and use washable/reusable straws when necessary.


She cut out coffee lids, shopping bags, and drink cups.
Her team said No to single-use plastic 66 times!
I took my own reusable breakfast kit to my schools breakfast club every morning, my Mum made sure to take reusable shopping bags to the store and my Dad took a reusable cup to work with him. The teachers at school asked me why I had my own kit with me, I told them it was for Earth Rangers and they were very interested.


He cut out straws, cutlery, water bottles, shopping bags, drink cups, and plastic wrap.
His team said No to single-use plastic 212 times!
I like to save the environment. I avoided a lot of plastic and reused my straws.


She cut out straws, shopping bags, and plastic wrap.
Her team said No to single-use plastic 25 times!
Instead of having a competition, my Dad and I worked together to reduce our single-use plastics as much as possible. We chose to eliminate plastic straws, shopping bags and plastic wrap because we didn’t use the other types of SUPs most of the time anyway. We used re-usable containers for my school lunches and to store leftovers, we used re-usable bags for grocery shopping, and we got either no straws or paper straws in restaurants. It was hard not to buy some groceries in plastic containers, because that is the only way they are sold, but we did choose cardboard egg cartons instead of plastic. We saw on the news that the governments of Canada is thinking of banning some SUPs, and I hope they do.

Great work! You guys ROCK!

You can be like these awesome Earth Rangers and say no to single-use plastic with the More Plastic More Problem Mission!

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