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In the Operation Conservation Mission, you meet Captain Conservation, a polar bear with a challenge. He needs your help to stop 7 culprits from wasting energy and water.

So far, you guys have done an amazing job! Since the Mission launched, Earth Rangers like you have stopped the culprits over 13,000 times, and the culprit you stopped most often was the Power Phantom! You’re really helping to save energy and water!

Let’s take a look at what some Earth Rangers thought about this Mission:

Earth Ranger Michelle

Stopped the Terrible Tap, the Lousy Leak, the Power Phantom and the Thermo Inferno
We didn’t use as much electricity or water.

Earth Ranger Liam

Stopped the Terrible Tap, the Power Phantom and the Thermo Inferno
We turned the thermostat down two degrees when we are home to save energy. I also am going to make sure I turn the tap off when I am brushing my teeth to save water. We already unplugged all of the vampire appliances for the Spring Green Up Challenge. We already only run the dishwasher and do laundry once a week when the loads are full, all the windows were just replaced so no drafts and we already have low flow toilets. Mom and I had a lot of fun building the bear!

Earth Ranger Sienna

Stopped the Devious Draft and the Power Phantom
I cut out the villains and taped them to the wall beside the objects my parents needed to fix. I also unplugged a few things myself! (My parents let me).

Earth Ranger Cassandra

Stopped the Terrible Tap, the Lousy Leak, the H2O Hog, the Devious Draft, the Sinister Suds, the Power Phantom and the Thermo Inferno
I have an amazing house (and amazing mommy and daddy!) My parents have already made sure we have no water leaks, no nasty suds, we don’t hog water, we keep our house temperature cooler in the winter and don’t run air conditioning in the summer except at night in our bedrooms. We did go through and unplugged 5 items that didn’t need to be plugged in and there was a small draft at our back door. I’m so proud of our house and what we do to help our environment.

Earth Ranger Kaylee

Stopped the Terrible Tap, the H2O Hog and the Power Phantom
It was fun! Especially dropping food colouring in all the toilets.

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