It’s World Habitat Day!


We know you love animals as much as we do, and what a perfect day to celebrate them! Wondering how to make this World Habitat Day one to remember?

Check out the Habitat Hero Mission for everything you need to become a Habitat Hero for animals right in your own backyard!

A Habitat Hero is someone who helps animals by giving them shelter, food, water, or a safe place to nest. In this Mission, you’ll find out how to make a toad-ally awesome toad house, help a bird build a nest, and learn how to make 6 other mini habitats that animals will go wild for!

Did you know that you probably live near one of Canada’s most important animal habitats?

The Ontario Greenbelt surrounds cities like Hamilton and Toronto, as well as Durham, York, Peel, and Niagara Region. It’s home to 2 million acres of protected forests, wetlands, urban river valleys, and farmlands and was designated in 2005 to help preserve important greenspaces around an area growing really quickly. But it does so much more than that. It creates places to live, work, and play, and it helps keep the outdoors awesome for everyone! By building your own backyard habitat your helping make the greenbelt (and other important greenspaces all over!) more accessible to the animals that might need a little help getting from one spot to the next.

Here’s two of the awesome animals that make their homes in the Ontario Greenbelt!


We think this bird has one of the coolest names out there! Between its yellow and white “cap” perched on its black body, and its distinctive song, these birds are hard to miss – but sadly the grassland habitats they rely on are becoming harder and harder to find.

Eastern Milksnake

Although it might look like a Massassauga rattlesnake, the Eastern milksnake is actually non-venomous – but it doesn’t want you to think so! By mimicking the rattling tail of the venomous rattlesnake, it scares off predators that would rather play it safe. Pretty sssssneaky!

You can help celebrate these animals and more this World Habitat Day by accepting the Habitat Hero Mission!