Your Next Mission: More Plastic, More Problems


Hey Earth Rangers! Your new Mission is here and this time we’re tackling a subject that’s got everyone talking: single-use plastics! Keep reading to find out more.

Your Mission: Cut single-use plastics out of your life!

Straws, plastic bags and other single-use plastics (SUPs) are a big problem for our planet. Not only do they take lots of resources to make, they also contribute to climate change and can really hurt animals if they end up in nature. So let’s help our planet and cut single-use plastics out of our lives!

To complete this Mission you must:
– Read through the Mission Brief to learn about the problems with single-use plastics.
– Compete with your family in the Cut the SUP Challenge to reduce the amount of single-use plastics you use.
– Sign the pledge to cut single-use plastics out of your life.
– When you’re done, come back and let us know how your Mission went.

Plus, for a limited time, we’ll mail you a FREE Mission kit with a magnet and a list of SUP alternatives for your fridge!

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