Your Next Mission: R.A.W.R.


Did you know that animals can get hurt by our household waste and recycling? They might get trapped in it, choke on it or cut themselves with it. If we aren’t careful about how we dispose of our containers, bags, cleaners, food, and other waste, it can mean real danger for animals in our neighbourhoods.

That’s why for this Mission, we want to hear you R.A.W.R.

When you accept this Mission, you’ll get access to the R.A.W.R. Mission Brief, along with tons of tips that will help you make your household waste and recycling wildlife-safe!

To complete this Mission, you must:
– Read through the Mission Brief to learn why your household waste can be dangerous for hungry and curious critters
– Follow the tips to make your recycling safe for animals
– R.A.W.R. by taking the pledge to make your recycling wildlife-safe
– When you’re done, come back and let us know how it went!

Don’t forget to take it to the next level by decorating the area where you keep your recycling or your recycling bin! Use paint, markers, stickers, pictures and signs to remind you and your family to make your recycling wildlife-safe! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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