Re-set the ‘stat Contest Winner


Thank you to everyone who entered the Re-set the ‘stat Contest! You guys did an awesome job lowering your thermostat to help slow down climate change.

Since the Mission launched in November 2018, we’ve dropped the temperature by 633 degrees! That’s amazing! You guys ROCK!

Without further adieu, we’re excited to announce the winner of the Re-set the ‘stat Contest: Earth Ranger Jesus!

I am wearing a warm sweater and pyjamas with my doggy, Susie, and we are both wrapped in a blanket drinking warm milk in my living room and was feeling really cozy.

Congratulations Earth Ranger Jesus!

If you haven’t accepted the Re-set the ‘stat Mission, what are you waiting for? Accept it today!

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  1. Great job! I love being a Earth Ranger you are all so awesome I might do this sometime with my dog or cat.