Spring 2019 Battery Blitz Mission Contest Winners


LogoCongrats to the winners of the Spring 2019 Battery Blitz Mission Contest and a big thank-you to everyone who has completed this Mission!

With your help, over 495,614 batteries have been recycled since February, 2016!

Here are the winners of the Spring 2019 Battery Blitz Contest:

Ranger Linda

Collected and recycled 92 batteries
I picked this mission because I had a lot of old games and a lot of relatives who could help me too. Since I am an Earth Ranger I would like to help save all the animals that are being poisoned by all these old batteries. To complete this mission I found games that my brother or me were too old for, that had batteries that did not work anymore and collected them. And I asked my relatives if they can check if they had battery too! I had A LOT of fun being an animal saving-hero, helping animals!

Ranger Brigham

Collected and recycled 194 batteries
We use batteries for our video games and my insulin pump. We save our batteries until we fill up the bucket and then we bring them into the nature center. We love going there.

Ranger Ayub

Collected and recycled 27 batteries
We wanted to save the animals and take care of the Earth. It was fun to collect batteries.

 Ranger Ava

Collected and recycled 33 batteries
I picked it because we were moving and my mom had a lot of batteries to recycle. It was easy to complete because we walked to the recycling bin down the street. It was fun to do something good for the environment.

Ranger Kayden

Collected and recycled more than 1000 batteries
My dad and little sister helped me do 2 battery blitz’s!!! Also did one for school two months ago. We collected over 1000 batteries in total !!! We had fun!

Ranger Dominic

Collected and recycled 74 batteries
We go through a lot of batteries, and will recycle going forward! I started a box for used batteries in our house and taped them when there were new ones added. I liked this mission because it was easy to see the impact.

Ranger Elora-Mae

Collected and recycled 126 batteries
I picked to do the battery blitz challenge because it is a good thing to do for the environment to keep it clean and healthy. There are many things that we use that have batteries inside to make them work that we need to remember to take them out and recycle them and not put them in the garbage. I collected 126 batteries from home and from my Papa’s work. Me and my Mama brought them to the recycling depot and put them in the battery bin. I really liked doing the battery blitz challenge and doing my part in helping to save animals and take care of the environment. I love nature and animals and being an Earth Ranger.

Ranger Cailynne


Collected and recycled 95 batteries
I picked this mission because I thought a lot of people could help me by giving me batteries to recycle. To complete this mission I asked friends and family if they had any batteries to recycle. It was really really fin to collect and count the batteries.

Ranger Dawud

Collected and recycled 27 batteries
We enjoyed collecting batteries so the earth will be a cleaner place.

Ranger Sophie

Collected and recycled 650 batteries
I made a video that my Mom posted on her FB page. I asked everyone to bring their old batteries to us and that we would make sure they were recycled properly. I made a bucket for people to dump their batteries in. My bucket is called ‘Sophie’s Battery Bucket’. I am holding it in the photo I am sending in. My Dad placed this photo on Twitter and it received over 18,000 views.

Ranger Kieran

Collected and recycled 100 batteries
My family puts all of our old used batteries into a bucket. I didn’t count them but I think there was 100. My Grandpa and I too them to the dump and gave them to the worker to be recycled.

Ranger Emma


Collected and recycled 17 batteries
I collected many batteries for my school for the Earth Ranger competition. Now that is complete and I collected more used batteries from my family to complete my mission.

Keep up the great work Earth Rangers and be sure to check out our other Missions for more fun!

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  1. Great job Earth rangers! I love earth rangers1 earth Rangers always remeber you dont have to do this mission but try to and if you dont do this mission then do a differnet mission to help the earth!