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The Toxic Takedown Mission shows you how to protect animals by cutting down on toxins in your home, but animals aren’t the only ones who will benefit when you accept this Mission. You’ll be helping yourself too! That’s because many of the toxins that hurt the environment can also hurt you. When you work to reduce them, you’re making your home safer for yourself and for the planet.


Check out these guides to help you reduce toxins in your home.

The Environmental Defence Guide to Cleaning and Indoor Air

cleaners-TT-extrasCleaning should be about fighting grime, not fighting for your health. The problem is that a lot of popular cleaning products can impact indoor air quality by releasing a group of chemicals called volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), which can really hurt you.

That’s why it makes sense to be mindful of your indoor air quality and reduce the risk from VOCs when you clean your home. Here are a few tips to keep your house sparkling while protecting the air inside your home.



The Environmental Defence Toxic Ten Guide

Canadians are exposed to toxic chemicals every day, but you can reduce your exposure if you know where they lurk. Substances that are dangerous to your health are still in lots of everyday products on Canadian store shelves – and even in our homes.

Check out this list of 10 harmful chemicals that can affect your health and learn how to avoid them when you are shopping.

Companies who have taken Environmental Defence’s Just Beautiful Pledge

Environmental Defence’s Just Beautiful Pledge exists to help consumers (shoppers like you or me) make smarter decisions about the products we buy. It also helps to promote the good work of manufacturers and retailers making and/or selling products that are free of the Toxic Ten ingredients.

Here are some of the companies who have taken the pledge:

Just Beautiful Pledge Companies


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