What’s At Steak Contest Winners


Thank you to everyone who entered the What’s at Steak contest! We had over 300 delicious submissions and here are the winners. Let’s give a big congratulations to Oliver, Eric, Ruby, Logan and Sienna! Check out their dishes below.

Grand Prize Winner

Creamy Avocado Pasta by Ranger Oliver

Main ingredients: Spaghetti, garlic, avocados, lemons, basil, olive oil
It was thick and creamy, delicious and had a bit of kick from the lemon and garlic.



Chickpea Curry by Ranger Eric

Main ingredients: cilantro, chickpeas, curry paste and curry powder, coconut oil, onions, tomatoes, coconut milk, ginger, garlic and cumin.
This delicious curry made my taste buds do a little dance because the flavours worked fabulously and the smell was very aromatic. It was a bit spicy and a bit creamy.


Protein Bowls by Ranger Ruby

Main ingredients: Brown rice, tofu, roasted edamame, red peppers, carrots, cucumbers, green onion, cilantro, peanut sauce
Healthy, makes you strong, good for people with low iron like my Mommy and I.


Tofu Chips by Ranger Logan

Main ingredients: Extra Firm Tofu BBQ sauce Water bread crumbs
Cut tofu into strips so they look like french fries. Water down BBQ sauce and coat tofu fires with sauce. Lay on baking sheet and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake at 450F for 10 minutes flip and cook 10 minutes longer


Teriyaki Tofu on Rice and Green Beans by Ranger Sienna

Main ingredients: Tofu Sauce (soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, ginger, garlic) Rice, Green beans
Pretty delicious. I fried the tofu until it was crispy and then added my homemade sauce. It was my first time eating tofu. I would definitely cook with tofu instead of meat again.

Here’s what special guest judge Chef Michael Smith had to say about all the submissions:

I’m thrilled by the massive engagement with this project. As young people it’s so important to understand the role that food plays in our lives, where it comes from, what it does for us, what nutrition is. We have to be well informed so we can make our own decisions and not fall prey to all the hype and misinformation that often characterizes food in the media. I’m proud of everyone who took the time to engage with this project. The results speak for themselves!

Have you accepted the What’s at Steak Mission yet?