You won’t believe how much food is grown in Canada!


You get home from a great day of hanging out with friends and you sit down for dinner with your family. You’re about to take a forkful of mash potatoes when a question pops into your head: where did these potatoes come from? Then you start wondering where the rest of your dinner came from, and then all of the food in your kitchen too.

Your food could have come from all over the world, but it could also have come from right here in Canada. Thanks to our diverse landscape and seasons, Canadian farmers can grow all sorts of different delicious foods to fill our tummies.

Let’s take a look at some of Canada’s homegrown goodness!

1. We grow 50 varieties of apples, including Spartan and Salish, two types that were created in Canada! We grow so many apples that if we split up all the ones grown in a year, each Canadian would get 100 apples!

2. Canada is the biggest canola oil producer and exporter in the world. In fact, canola oil was developed right here by Canadian plant scientists in the 1960s!

3. If you laid out all the blueberries grown in Canada in a year, it would cover an area bigger than Toronto, Ontario!

4. There are over 950,000 dairy cows and 11,000 dairy farms in Canada!

5. We grow enough corn to almost cover an area the size of Lake Ontario!

6. With over 11,000 maple farms, we produce about 80% of the world’s maple syrup. Each year, we make enough to fill about 17 Olympic size swimming pools!

7. We export more wheat than any other crop.

8. Canada is the second largest producer of mustard seed. We harvest so much that you could cover an area the size of Regina, Saskatchewan 8 times!

9. We created the Shepody potato, which is the most common potato used for French fries!

10. Canadians grow enough tomatoes to cover 900 Canadian football fields!

Regardless of whether you get your food from Canada or anywhere else in the world, it’s important not to waste it. Wasted food means wasted energy and money.

Do your part to cut down on food waste by becoming a Food Waste Warrior!

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