Badgers Around the World


North America isn’t the only place lucky enough to have badgers. They are found all over the world! Let’s take a quick trip to meet some of our favourite species!

European Badger

Photo Credit: Sue Cro

European badgers are found throughout most of Europe.

Honey Badger

Photo Credit: Steven Tan

Honey badgers are found in parts of Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and western Asia.

Japanese Badger

Photo Credit: yuki_alm_misa

Japanese badgers are only found in Japan.

Hog Badger

Photo Credit: Wich’yanan-Limparungpatthanakij

Hog badgers are found in eastern India, central and southern China, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Sumatra.

American Badger

American badgers are found in parts of Mexico, USA and Canada.

Which of these badgers would you want to visit?

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