Frogs Around The World


Frogs and toads fall under the order Anurans, a classification of amphibian that is the most diverse and widespread. There are 25 different families of Anurans that include more then 4,700 different species! That’s a ton of frogs and toads, and new species are being discovered all of the time. To show off the incredible diversity of frogs we’ve grouped together a variety of different species by what regions of the world they live in. So hop to it and take a spin around the globe froggie style.





North America


South and Central America


Australia and the South Pacific


Europe and the Middle East


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  1. My favourite was the red eyed tree frog. My 2nd favourite was the clown frog. My 3rd favourite was the lemur leaf frog

  2. I am so sorry for the endangered ones that they are endangered. I hope that there can be discoveries that there are more of them.