Penguins of the Planet


Not all penguins are alike; in reality there are 17 to 20 different living species, depending on who you ask (some scientists think that certain penguins should be group together while others argue they are a different species). Each of these penguins are pretty unique; they live in different parts of the world and even have distinct markings. Although all penguins live in the southern hemisphere, they don’t all spend their time in Antarctic. In fact, several penguin species live in warmer areas like the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and even Africa! Check out this map to find out where each penguin species lives. Scientists use the differences in their colour and feather patterns to help them identify who is who since there is a lot of variety in the world of penguin styles. The Emperor penguin is known for its black and white tuxedo look, the Yellow-eyed Penguin has… you guessed it, yellow around its eyes. There is even a little penguin whose feathers look a bit blue and who can forget the penguin species that have crests, which are brightly coloured feathers on their head, like the rockhopper penguin.

yellow eyed and emperor penguinlittle penguin and rockhopper penguin

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